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Article #1    More Americans Turn to Work-at-Home

Each Year More and More Americans Turn to Work-From-Home programs

Advances in technology and rising gas prices have made telecommuting an extremely attractive proposition. A number of factors have come together to make telecommuting the new reality of American workforces. Advances in mobile devices and smart-phones have made it possible to access email anywhere, any time. Increased Wi-Fi connectivity at home and in retail locations have made it possible to complete work outside of the office. 

Statistics show that telecommuting in the American workforce has continuously increased over time. There is an expanding amount of evidence that proves telecommuting is beneficial to employers, individual employees, overall economic growth, highway infrastructure, as-well-as, planet earth. With the positive evidence piling up, it is easy to make an argument for the future of telecommuting.

In 2009 Forrester Research reported, “more than 34 million US adults telecommuted at least occasionally.” The same report predicted that the U.S. telecommuting ranks will swell to 63 million by the year 2016. Other estimates put that number at almost 50 percent. Even more telling, nearly 40 percent of Americans believe they could work from home if given the opportunity, according to surveys compiled by the Telework Research Network (TRN). In a 2009 report, Bold New Ideas for Making Work, The Families and Work Institute stated 87 percent of employees stated job flexibility would be an “extremely” or “very important” deciding factor when considering a new job. It is certain that the telecommuting trend will continue to grow in the future.

The real query is why and how fast it will grow?

What is a home business?

A home business is a small business that operates out of one’s home office. Home businesses are often defined by having very few employees, with those few employees usually being immediate family. Those who operate a home business own the home business and are self-employed.

As the business owner, you are responsible for purchasing any equipment or product needed to run this business. You will also have startup costs for training, initial infrastructure and possible franchising costs. You bear the liability, but you also reap the rewards. Owning and running your own home business can be a very fulfilling and lucrative way to turn your passion into a career.

How is it different than telecommuting?

On the other hand, Telecommuters work for an employer from a home office. You work for someone other than yourself and are compensated for that work. You may work part-time, full-time or freelance. Your income is relatively fixed as are your hours. Telecommuting requires very little in initial investment, with the possible exception of a computer, internet connection and office desk.

Can I start a home business and work as a telecommuter?

Yes, you absolutely can. Starting a home business is not an easy undertaking. It requires an investment in both time and money. It may take months, if not a year, for your home business to become profitable and you must be prepared for little to no income during that time. Most of the money must stay within the business during this stage of growth.

The reality is many home businesses fail and you would be wise to take on some additional telecommuting work to supplement your lack of initial income. Have a backup plan in case you fall short when shooting for the stars with your home business. Part-time or freelance telecommuting work will allow you to add some income to the mix without sacrificing time spent on making your home business a success. Establishing and operating a home business will allow you to pursue your passion, while taking on some telecommuting work will ensure a payday in the near future.

Which is best fit for me?

The best way to answer this question is to evaluate what you are looking for out of a career at this stage in your life. The answer may be different for each individual. Do you need a steady paycheck? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you have enough savings to support your family while the business grows? A home-based business is not for everyone. Establishing a successful, profitable home business takes hours upon hours of dedicated work. Not everyone has the drive, passion or time that it takes to make a startup business a success. So it's really up to you!
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Customer Service Reps
Become an customer service agent today!!! Explore Careers that push your limits, turn your ideas into reality and make a real impact on the world.

Be a Guide - Writing Work
You're a recognized expert in your field, and you have the credentials and experience to back you up. You have professional writing experience in  your area of expertise, are familiar with HTML, and love to help educate others about your topic.

Appointment Setting
A virtual company. Every member of the Blue Zebra team works from their home. Enjoy the benefits of a flexible work schedule.

TextBook Writer Wanted
As a Textbroker author, you benefit from an unbelievable number of orders with a wide variety of themes. Choose assignments that appeal to your  personal knowledge and expertise, write to the clients' specifications, and get paid!

Connecting through Content
must have good developer skills, ability to create original code and/or examples and downloads for readers to learn about and utilize the concepts relating to the topic

Seasonal Sales Associate
Pottery Barn's premier Customer Care Center is looking for warm, friendly, upbeat Sales / Service oriented people to fill our current Seasonal Sales Associate positions.  Ideal candidate will have a strong ability to successfully resolve customer concerns independently using our tools, resources and procedures.

Project Manager
BCforward is looking for an experienced and highly motivated IT/Telecom Project Manager. Contract Length: 12 months with possibility of extension or permanent placement.

Transciption Jobs
Audio Transcription is always looking for great transcriptionists.  In particular, we are looking for individuals who transcribe accurately, proofread their work and then proofread it again.

Readers Wanted
Scorers can realize $12/hour or more based on a combination of performance indicators, including quality and rate 

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